Trainees Energy and Building Technology

The task pane:

● Installation of: lighting systems, drive, switching, control and control equipment, replacement power supply units, reception and broadband communication system band and data networks
● Planning and erection of grounding, lightning protection, surge protection systems
● Testing, configuring and repairing heating, climate and ventilation systems, in particular their measurement, control and control systems
● Configuration and parameterization of building control equipment and bus systems
● Installing and commissioning of decentralized energy supply and energy conversion systems including use of regenerative energy sources
● Connection of telecommunications equipment and systems in telecommunication Networks


● high school, secondary school or middle schools with qualifying final
● Interest in electronics, engineering and mechanical and technical processes
● Craftsmanship
● No fear of heights
● Good imagination, reliability and safe and friendly demeanor
● Good knowledge in mathematics and physics

Duration of 3,5 years

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