Fiber Optic Backbone

Fiber optic data in the form of light signals transmitted at a high bandwidth. A high transmission bandwidth is possible even at long distances! Thus, the optical fiber is the transmission medium of the present and future.

Often, the term fiber is confused with the fiber-optic connection. While the term "Fibre optic" only serves as a generic term of all light conducting fibres, including among others the glass fiber. However, fiber there as glass, quartz or plastic fiber.

Advantages of fiber optic technology:

● Very fast transfer rates
● High transmission quality
● Long-range
● Reduced susceptibility to interference
● No signal overlay
● can be used in explosion-proof areas

Distinction is as follows:

Multi-mode fiber with step-index profile (used for example, as the connection cable in the data)
Multi-mode fiber with gradient index profile (for connections of buildings or floors used)
Single-mode fiber (used for long distances)