Uninterruptible Power Supply

Through the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) not only is a power failure not an issue, but also transient overvoltage and undervoltage is intercepted.

In terms of UPS, 3 classes have come into effect due to the different needs of individual devices.
These were laid down in the European Union, "EN 50091-3" and at the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) under CEI/IEC 62040-3".

You differentiate in the following Classes:

Class 3 - Standby or Offline UPS
Standby or offline UPS is the easiest UPS. It protects only against network outages and short-term voltage fluctuations.

Class 2 - Mains Interactive UPS
Works similarly to class 3 also the Mains Interactive UPS. However, the difference is that voltage fluctuations are always governed by filters.

Class 1 - Duration Converter or Online UPS

The UPS techniques described as before have a serious drawback: the load is only supplied at the mains from the battery. The minimum switching time trouble already highly sensitive systems.
UPS systems of class 1, however, considered real power generators that constantly produce an its own power supply! It is therefore a permanent mains voltage can be supplied to the consumers without restrictions.

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