Safety Engineering

Through the cooperation with renowned security services, we are able to offer complete security technical and organisational solutions, including the placement of control and protection services.

We provide an around the clock emergency Service to our maintenance customers!

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Modern fire-reporting techniques enable the early detection of fires, even before any danger or personal injury may result. Fire alarm…

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  • Burglary and Robbery Alarm Systems

    Burglary and Robbery Alarm Systems

    Burglar alarms manufacturers provide high protection against burglary and theft. Optimum designed systems already guarantee an early alerting of manipulation…

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  • Smoke Detector

    Smoke Detector

    Smoke detectors can save lives! Convincing arguments that resulted in that smoke detectors in the private sector in most federal…

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  • Smoke-Heat Extraction Systems

    Smoke-Heat Extraction Systems

    Both smoke and heat extraction are the main elements in the structural fire protection. In the case of a fire…

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  • Safety Lighting

    Safety Lighting

    Safety lighting systems are indispensable in certain buildings or facilities. Especially in the area of 'Safety', strict guidelines provided by…

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  • Voice Alarm System

    Voice Alarm System

    The voice alarm system is the dynamic evacuation of a building in case of fire. An it is controlled in…

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  • Video Control Systems

    Video Control Systems

    Video surveillance plays an increasing role in modern times. Professional video surveillance systems are not only effective deterrence, but above…

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  • Access Control Systems

    Access Control Systems

    Our company is among others specialized in the design, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems. From the individual door…

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